I'm Rex Serubii,

A Student of Computer Science at the Open University of the Netherlands

Software Developer

With projects in Python, Kotlin and Java


Hi, I'm Rex, a -year-old Software Developer. As a developer, and even in my day-to-day life, I strive for productivity. But, in the reality of today's online world, being fast and responsive just doesn't cut it. Being effective today requires a keen balance between optimization and innovation.

Currently I'm studying at the Open University of the Netherlands where I'm working towards a Bachelor in Computer Science. However my love for programming started around late 2009, Inspired by the games I used to play. I started tinkering with the games purely out of curiosity, and to my surprise, I really enjoyed the workflow and creative process that came along with programming.

Other than programming, over the years, I've also come to love Building Computers, High End Audio, and Cyber Security.

The core of my skill set is my experience in Java/Kotlin for Android development and Python for data science and machine learning, including many IT subsystems and qualities, I also have experience with mobile integration (Android).

As of late, I've also been dabbling in the Web Dev Stack and Frameworks like Godot and SparkAR. More than anything, I am always eager to learn and adapt to the ever changing facets of the industry.


Para, Suriname


Email: selby@serubii.com 
Phone: +1 ‪(661) 262-9167‬1